Background Terms:
Treaty of Kanagawa: A treaty concluded between Commodore Matthew C. Perry of the U.S. Navy and the Empire of Japan. The treaty opened the Japanese ports of Shimoda and Hakodate to United States trade, guaranteed the safety of shipwrecked U.S. sailors and established a permanent consul. This would end Japan's 200 year period of isloationism

Meiji era: The 45-year reign of the Meiji Emperor, running, in the Gregorian calendar, from 23 October 1868 to 30 July 1912. During this time, Japan started its modernization and rose to world power status. This era name means "Enlightened Rule".

Russo-Japanese War: (1904-1905) War between Russia and Japan over imperial possessions. Japan emerges victorious, and in control of both Korea and Manchuria

Annexation: the legal incorporation of some territory into another geo-political entity

Powerpoint: This powerpoint outlines how and why Japan modernized as rapidly as it did in the 19th century

Map: This is a map of the Empire of Japan. Japan's colonial holdings are marked as such. The brown territory is land controled by Imperial Japan and Japan itself
Visual Aides:
I'm not going to lie this video is quite strange. I youtube'd "Commodore Perry" and it was the first thing to appear. Its a Japanese Animie with English subtitles about Commodore Perry coming to visit a school on the anniversery of the day he opened the ports. Sort of historical. I know its a stretch.

I thought this next political cartoon was pertinent too. Its of a Japanese soldier (Japan) walking over Korea to get to Manchuria on the other side of a cravace. Just thought it was historicially intriguing.
I also thought this one was especially pertinent with the invasion of Manchuria. Dispite international protest (mostly from other western powers not wanting to have to split another piece of China to someone else), Japan still invaded Manchuria. This cartoon shows a Japanese artillary piece firing through several treaties and pacts
Japan took pride in their shipbuilding, and strived to match the British Navy, the greatest in the world when they began modernizing their military. They constructed the Yamamoto battleship. She and her sister ship the Musahsi were the largest battleships ever constructed, even larger than the mighty German Bismark before her. This is a picture of the Yamamoto, the pride of the Imperial Combined Fleet