Background Terms:

Geopolitics: a study that anylyzes geography, history and social science all effect one another

Crimean War: Fought between October 1853 and Feburary 1856, a war in the Crimean Penninsula between the Russian Empire and their allies (the Bulgarian legion) and a group of allied nations (The French Empire, The British Empire, The Ottoman Empire, and the Kingdom of Sardinia. The Russian Empire's defeat at the hands of modern werstern millitary technology would lead the Empire to begin modernizing under Czar Alexander II.

Suez Canal: A canal opened in Egypt in 1869, it links the Medditerranian and Red seas.

This powerpoint is a brief overview of Imperialism in Muslim Lands.

This is a map of the Muslim Lands effected by European Imperialism in the Late 19th century. Their capitals are circled in Red, with their name, country and associated western power listet next to them.
This is a picture of diamond miners in Sierra Leone. Biritish control of Sierra Leone gave them a stranglehold on the international diamond trade, as all the diamonds from Africa made their way through Sierra Leone before being sent to Europe.
This is a picture of an Algerian oil pipeworks. With the industrial revolution, and the coal rich Rhineland being constested between France and Germany, France began to look elsewhere for natural resources. The oil rich area of Algeria was then invaded by France. Algeria still produces oil today, and is a member of OPEC
Visual Aides:

This is a clip from the classic "Charge of the Light Brigade". This clip from the 1936 film is during the battle of Balaclava, a major battle in the Crimean war. It helps us understand the nature of the Crimean war. The British light Brigade pushes the Russian calvary back to their fortified posisitions with their Artillary. The British are then faced with immenent doom, and saved by their allies, the French. It gives a visual understanding to why the Russians lost when faced with superior western technology, and why the drive to modernize the Russian Empire led to such radical change as, releasing the surfs, and eventually, a revolution in the face of another costly defeat at war.

This is a link to nice compilation of Political cartoons about the Crimean war. These cartoons come from the French and Birtish media. The Crimean war was the first to be printed about with relative speed because the advent of the telegraph allowed battlefield updates to be transferred to the homefront quickly.

Here's an excerpt from the site: The bear, a symbol of Russia is choking a turkey wearing a fez, which sybolizes the country of Turkey, or the Ottoman Empire. This was printed in England and shows that the Ottomans, who will become Allies of the British during the Crimean war are being threatened by Russian expansion.