Background Terms:

Pacific Rim: The Pacific Rim refers to the countries and cities located around the edge of the Pacific Ocean

Emilio Aguinaldo: (March 22, 1869 – February 6, 1964) was a Fillipino general, politican, and independence leader. He played an instrumental role in Philippine independence during the Philippine Revolution against Spain and the Philippine-American War that resisted American occupation. He eventually pledged his allegiance to the US government.

Annexation: the legal incorporation of some territory into another geo-political entity

Queen Lilioukalani: The last monarch and only queen of the Kingdom of Hawaii

Powerpoint: This is a powerpoint outlining Imperialism in Southeast Asia:

Map: This is a map of the Southeast Asia region. The capitals of countries are circled in color dependent on which power controled them. Brown for Great Britian, Blue for France, Green for the Netherlands, and Periwinkle for Spain (the United states as well)
The French sought to control Vietnam because of its climate. The tropical climate of Vietnam was suitable for growing cash crops such as sugar, and rice. This is a photo of a Veitnamese plantation. Plantations like this would have been controled by the French, with their exports being sent to France.
The United States also longed for lands in the tropical climate of Southeast Asia. Their holdings in the Phillipines had been used for plantations purposes by the Spanish. Americans simply took control of Spanish plantation lands. This picture of a Fillipino Papaya plantation is typical of ones seen all over the Island chain
Visual Aides: This is a video of the Fillipino-American war. While it is done in black and white, these are primitive, original images. I understand that the soundtrack is perhaps not the best, but it is a first hand look into the war. The video shows how dominate the modernized American navy and armies were against the military of the Fillipinos, drawn up from peasents

This political cartoonl, we see President William McKinley holding the Philipines at the edge of a cliff. We are charged to wonder whether he will throw the Phillipines off the cliff (To Spain) or keep them. The world is seen watching (but not doing anything about the situation). It gives us an idea as to the opinion of the world during this time, that the U.S. held the fate of the Phillipine islands. It may also be a satire, asking the world to do something and intervine in the US imperialism in the Southeast Asia region